Real-life Jerusalem based love stories retold through dance.
A unique, artistic – documentary creation celebrating LOVE in the urban sphere of Jerusalem, revealing the multicultural texture of the city’s life, taking you for a tour in Jerusalem you haven’t seen before.

Artistic Director, Choreography & Concept: Miriam Engel
Meet the Lovers & Love stories

Nitzan & Aviel | Nachlaot

Love at first sight running in the streets
Performers: Miriam Engel, Sergey Shamota  Singer: Nir Degani

Michal & Eli | Stern Park

Stepping through a miracle
Performers: Miriam Engel, Sergey Shamota Singer: Inbal Gershkovits

Michal & Boaz | Shufersal, Talpiot

The Eggplants proposal!
Performers: Miriam Engel, Yinon Shazo

Irena & Leonid | Kiryat Yovel

Last battle and a kiss
Performers: Hila Cohen, Sergey Shamota

Liora’s Circle | Omria Square, Talbiya

Liora’s Circle | Omria Square, Talbiya
I have a circle, which is mine, and you cannot cross it
Performer: Miriam Engel

Naomi & Gabriel | Burstein’s Klezmer basement, Romema

Concerto No’ 2 for a Pianist and a violinist
Performers: Miriam Engel, Sergey Shamota

Bar | Industrial area, Ba’aley Hamelacha

Between a Place and a Woman
Performer: Miriam Engel

Tal & Neria | First Railway Station

Silence is not an option.
Performers: Josef Albalak, Miriam Engel

Mami | Adika Candy shop, Talpiot

I eat the ice-cream she eats the cone – Sweet Urban Love
Performers: Hila Cohen, Miriam Engel

Jerusalem Cats | Moon Grove

Romeo and Juliet’s tale with a tail
Performers: Sima Goren, Miriam Engel


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